The Surrounding Area

The Surrounding Area

The hotel is close to both thermal springs.

The thermal spring BONIFACIO VIII was built at the beginning of the century in an elegant Art Nouveau style. Today, the impressive entrance portal is all that remains from those structures, in its alternation of open and closed spaces, bold architectural elements and lush vegetation. This is the place that is traditionally dedicated to the actual care of oneself, that which must be done in the morning before breakfast. Up to 25,000 people can simultaneously access its small fountains scattered in hundreds in the spacious green areas and covered areas.

The Thermal spring is not only a place for treatment: next to the spouting fountains and medical clinics, in fact, there are facilities designed to make the stay of our guests more pleasant: a bar, a coffee concert and multi-functional rooms.

The ANTICOLANA thermal spring is also called “new spring” because it was inaugurated in the 20s. It is located in a very large park. Located in an idyllic area, it offers beautiful walks in the gardens and in the tree-lined paths of the grand equipped park - there are tennis courts and bowls courts, mini-golf, table tennis, a park equipped for children and a games room - all found in a tasteful, picturesque, traditional nineteenth-century greenery setting.

The town of Fiuggi is located in a strategic position for those who love to travel and visit the numerous archaeological sites of the province.


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